Mime Ministry

Leaders: Sis.Chasity and Lawanda Hancock, and Latasha Jones

Sister Chassity Hancock has been a member of Mt. Corinth for 10 years. She is a recent graduate of Prarie View A&M. She is the daughter of Deacon Robert and Sister LaWanda Hancock.

Her favorite scripture is:

Phillipians 4:13  "I can do all things through Christ who strenghens me."


Sister Letasha Jones has been a member of Mt. Corinth since the 1980's. Letasha grew up in this church body of believers. Along with working in the mime ministry, she is also an assistant Sunday school teacher and at one time served as the Children's Church teacher which is currently inactive. 

Her favorite scripture is: 

Psalms 23 in its entirety.

She can be reached at this email address: LetashaC@gmail.com